Friday, October 22, 2010

Photo Gallery of Thirubuvanam Temple

Thirubuvanam Gopuram

Thirubuvanam Gopuram

Art of Cholas.( combination of Elephant and Ox)



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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Thirubuvanam - Temple and Silks

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a wonderful village in India


Thirubuvanam is a wonderful village near Kumbakonam of Thanjavur (Tanjore | Thanjai ) district in the Indian state Tamil Nadu.There is nothing wrong to say Its a Heaven.Thirubuvanam is very peaceful place.It has a world famous Temple called Sri Khambaheswarar.

It's rare to find a whole village dedicated to one art, but Thirubuvanam is just that.  Thirubuvanam was founded by the last of the Cholas, the great  King Kulothunga III.

It has been a silk-weaving village for several centuries. Most  of the silk saris weavers are  originally hailed from the place  Saurashtra in Gujarat , India.

Thirubuvanam Silk Saris : 

Thirubuvanam is famous for Silk saris.It is the acknowledged dress of Indian women. The Sari has a long ( ~12feet in length & ~4 feet in Breath ) narrow piece of cloth ,and it  swathed around the body.

The peoples in and around Thirubuvanam are all weaving Silk saris.They didn't use any machine to weave saris.Everything only by Hand-looms.

To manufacture a single sari , it takes hardly 15 days to complete.On the other hand, the life for a single silk Saree is more than 30 years. That's the power of Hand-looms.

What sets Thirubuvanam saris apart is the fact that they are made from filature silk. The quality and sheen are legendary. Decorated with superb zari work ( The zari is nothing but  gold coated pure silver thread ) , the saris come with both double and single borders.

Skilled weavers meld the border and body of the sari into a seamless flow. Zari buttas decorate the body. These saris are so popular that the Thirubuvanam Cooperative Silk Society( Thico Silks ) is one of the largest and famous silk shop  in Tamil Nadu, India.

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a wonderful village in India